Click & Link Tracking Systems

As a solo ads vendor, one of the most critical factors in creating valuable email lists is link tracking. To offer your clients the most value, you must be accountable for every email included in your inventory. Emails should be 100% genuine and high quality. They have to be opened and the click-rates on the emails should be high. If you’re selling solo ads, that is how you are going to keep clients. If you’re buying solo ads, that is how you will know they work.

But how do you measure the effectiveness of individual emails?

You need to utilize a professional solo ads tracking software. Click and link tracking systems will provide you with essential information to curate your lists. They will also allow you to continually improve your offer.

Luckily, I’ve hand-picked the most effective piece of Solo Ads Tracking Software available in today’s marketplace.


Qliker is easy to set up, user friendly and offers enhanced security features. They protect your email lists and data that solo ads vendors work so hard to acquire and nurture.

Qliker offers IP blocking and filtration via their IP management tool. This helps solo ads vendors identify and delete any spam addresses. That way you can ensure you have clean email marketing lists. They also have bespoke spam and click-fraud detection. This helps solo ads vendors qualify leads as they build their email lists.

Custom domain integration makes it easy to link solo ads lists to landing and squeeze pages. A/B split testing also helps solo ads vendors track all links across multiple campaigns.

Here are the three best reasons to use Qliker

Accurate Link Tracking

With Qliker’s accurate link tracking feature, search engine spiders/crawlers can be blocked. You can also get rid of unwanted traffic and clicks from specific regions. This is fantastic for solo ads vendors that offer geo-specific lists to their clients. This is also perfect for people who purchase solo ads because they can create super-targeted offerings for their products or services. Qliker also has advanced settings that allow vendors to track and prioritize mobile and desktop traffic. You can view click percentages according to their tier priority and monitor bonus clicks on links.

Advanced Link Rotators

Link rotators are unique links that allow solo ads vendors and their clients to route clicks through to different landing pages. When a user clicks on an email link, they can be directed to one of several URLs that the solo ads vendor has added to the rotator. Spill-over, sequential, random, or weighted delivery rules can be applied to link rotators.

Custom Domain Support

As a solo ads vendor, Qliker allows you to customize all of your tracking. You can setup any links to direct clickers to custom domains. This is great for tracking the effectiveness of a campaign for your client. It’s also a great feature to create marketing data. You can entice new clients into purchasing more solo ads packages by offering more features. This is perfect for solo ads customers that want to track the effectiveness of their campaigns.