Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi is the leading online marketplace for solo ads vendors. It’s a place where people with email lists can sell affiliate marketing professionals and solo ads vendors access to their audiences. Once a purchase is completed, Udimi sends out a pre-agreed amount of traffic in exchange for a mutually agreed rate per click.

Building a professional email list can be time-consuming, especially for new businesses. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase potential leads and connections from established entrepreneurs. Udimi is the best place to access these providers, order direct traffic, and bulk out your email list for solo ads campaigns.

Solo Ads for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Solo ads can offer entrepreneurs excellent leverage within their industry. There are hundreds of sellers online, each with pre-built email lists, providing access to thousands of potential leads. These sellers will give access to their lists once a purchase is completed via the Udimi solo ads marketplace.

How to Use Udimi Solo Ads

The Udimi process is pretty straightforward.

  • First, you’ll need to choose a campaign that you wish to run for your business.
  • Next, do some number-crunching to calculate the ideal cost of acquisition per customer.
  • Access Udimi and search for a seller that will compliment your campaign due to the niche of their audience.
  • Be sure to check seller ratings, reviews, and previous results with regard to conversions and clicks.
  • Consider messaging the seller to gather more information about their audience and whether or not the people on their list will be an effective match for your offer.
  • Create a landing page with excellent copy (some sellers will offer this service in addition to their lists).
  • Purchase your solo ads.
  • Monitor the results of your solo ads campaign carefully. If the campaign provides a profitable return on investment, consider repeating the process with a new list.

How to Find a Solo Ads Provider Using Udimi

To start your solo ads journey on Udimi, click on the ‘Find Sellers’ link. You’ll be taken to a page with a list of hundreds of solo ads providers.

Udimi's Find Sellers Area - Udimi Solo Ads - Solo Ads Explained

Make sure you perform due-diligence, I don’t advise working with the first provider that you see. Udimi offers a range of filters that will help you to undertake thorough research and find the best possible provider for your requirements.

Use Filters & Check The Seller’s Udimi Reviews

I recommend using the ‘rating’ filter. With every transaction on Udimi, both buyers and sellers are rated. This gives all sellers an accumulated amount of positive and negative feedback over time. If you research a seller’s profile, you can access information regarding all the positive and negative feedback that they have accrued.

Ultimately, I recommend working with sellers that have a minimum of 100 positive reviews and a very low percentage of negative feedback.

Another filter that I recommend using is the ‘% of buyers’ filter. When a seller’s transaction is rated via Udimi, buyers have the opportunity to mark the number of sales they completed via the ad buy. When you look at a sellers profile, you’ll notice a small ‘$’ symbol with a percentage right next to it.

If this percentage reads 50%, it shows that 50% of buyers reported a sale after working with this provider.

Udimi Seller Profile - Udimi Solo Ads - Solo Ads Explained

Bear in mind that this metric does not require official verification. Therefore, you’re relying on the honesty of buyers and sellers to provide accurate information after their sale is completed.

However, if you combine the information from the overall rating filter with the ‘% of buyers,’ you will have access to a list of sellers that are most likely to be highly reputable. I recommend working with providers that have a score of 30% or above.

The Price of Solo Ads

When purchasing any ads anywhere, price is an important factor. On the Udimi platform, solo ad merchants offer clicks from ranging from $0.40 to $0.95 per click. Lower pricing doesn’t necessarily mean better lists. That’s why it’s essential to research a provider’s history before you finalize a purchase.

After you’ve used the Udimi filters to create a ‘hotlist’ of solo ads providers, click on each seller’s profile and carefully read through their information. The majority of sellers provide additional information about their list. Some will tell you where their leads were acquired and what niches they come from. Make sure that you scroll to the bottom of their profile to read feedback from previous clients.

Tips for Purchasing Your First Udimi Solo Ads

After you’ve chosen a seller that you want to work with, it’s a straightforward process to purchase your first solo ad. 

Once you’ve clicked on the seller’s profile, a box like this will appear:

Udimi Traffic Report & Review - Udimi Solo Ads - Solo Ads Explained

Using the slider at the top, you can pick exactly how many clicks you would like to order from the vendor. This number indicates the minimum number of clicks you’ll receive as part of your order. However, most sellers offer additional clicks on top of this amount.

Beneath this, buyers can choose the filters that Udimi can apply to your traffic. One thing I love about Udimi is that they apply their ‘base filter’ as standard. This helps to eliminate bot traffic and fraudulent clicks.

Getting Relevant Traffic from Solo Ads

If you use other filters, you can find more relevant traffic for your site, but the cost of the traffic will also go up. ‘Prime membership’ buyers have prime filters automatically enabled for each purchase.

Remember, the most vital part of a solo ad is your headline and sales copy. Udimi sellers often offer to create headlines and email sales copy as part of their solo ads package. However, I strongly recommend creating your own sales copy and headline.

Udimi Solo Ads Package - Solo Ads Explained 

This is because you’re relying on the seller to create excellent email copy, the type of copy that can make or break a sale. Ultimately, you know your product or service better than anyone. So, unless you’re not a very confident writer, it’s best to leave these boxes unchecked.

Udimi saves the solo ads that your purchase for easy access. You’ll be able to flick between your old solo ads campaigns using a drop-down box on the Udimi site. This is great for saving time if you are purchasing orders from multiple providers.

Upon completion, you can see the total cost for your order, including their standard $3 fee. Click ‘add to cart’ to finalize your purchase.

After you process your order, the seller has to approve your solo ad campaign. Then the seller has 100 hours to deliver your traffic.

Once the order begins, you can view your stats at any time. You’ll be able to monitor the number of clicks you receive and the geo-location of the clicks. Combining this information with your sales leads or asset downloads will give you a clear indication of the ROI for each solo ads campaign.

What Makes Udimi Better than Alternative Solo Ads Marketplaces?

Udimi stands out from its competitors due to its rigorous seller testing processes and the premium buyer protection services that the company provides. Every solo ad you purchase on Udimi is guaranteed.

If you are unhappy for any reason, you can easily create a dispute with your solo ads provider. Although it’s very straightforward to access Udimi as a buyer, they implement testing to ensure all of their sellers are well-vetted and professional.

Udimi offers two buyer protection policies to help protect from fraudulent sellers.

  • There is an automatic filter that protects buyers against bot generated clicks.
  • If a seller cannot provide you the clicks and traffic they promised, you will receive a refund with the total amount of your purchase.

More Reasons to use Udimi for Solo Ads

  • Udimi offers a vast marketplace with access to over a thousand sellers.
  • You can network on their platform, allowing buyers to make connections with online marketers from all over the world.
  • Udimi provides a wealth of information-packed tutorials.
  • On average, Udimi bans 18 sellers per day.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for fake traffic, spammers, and fraud.
  • They use world-class tracking software that accrues information showing where ad-traffic comes from alongside real-time campaign results.
  • They have a great affiliate marketing program that gives their users access to an additional revenue stream based around referrals.
  • Their rating system mitigates the risk of making bad purchasing decisions by providing genuine feedback on every Udimi seller.

Final Thoughts

Solo ads are an excellent, cost-effective source of traffic for online businesses and entrepreneurs. You can use them to generate traffic at reasonable rates, and many buyers make profits from their solo ads campaigns.

Additionally, solo ads don’t require adherence to strict approval processes implemented by companies like Facebook and Google Ads.

Udimi is an excellent source for solo ads providers. It offers an honest and easy to navigate platform, with hundreds of solo ads providers in one place. Their rating system helps buyers to make informed purchasing decisions and eliminate any low-quality solo ads providers.

There are hundreds of platforms online that will help you become better at internet marketing. However, there are only a handful of that will provide you with a solid base to become the best email marketer you can be.

By signing up to Udimi through links in my review, you will get a $40 Udimi Gift Card that will allow you to buy and try out at least 100 clicks from any solo ads seller at your choice. Just send me an email and I will set it up for you.

If you’re interested in checking out Udimi, you can do so at this link.